About Us

Our Story

OrganiqLiving is Organic Quality Living for us and for people we truly care for. We at OrganiqLiving believe in Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Recycled Products. We believe the use of chemicals not only harms our health, our skin but also is slowly decaying this very Earth we all call home. It is our endeavor to bring a change and promote Organic Products.

Organiqliving is owned and managed by SRK FZE, P.O. Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE

Behind the Brand

OrganiqLiving is a conscious effort to start building awareness of healthy living and buying products which are organic, recycled, sustainable as well as fair trade. In our efforts to build this we are collaborating with some of the finest people around. From the European Chill to the Asian warmth, we are working passionately to bring the best products for you.

Why Organic and Fair Trade

Organic is genuine, organic is natural and that is exactly how it should always be. Natural, right from mother nature’s heart. We strongly believe to let the coming generations have an enjoyable living we the current generations must make an effort of being conscious and righteous in picking the right product and creating awareness around us. We at OrganiqLiving support Fair Trade Movement, which offers to ensure positive impact for the people at the end of the chain. 

Our Difference

We bring the best of what the organic world currently must offer at your door step. We provide you with knowledge of what is good for you, your skin, your loved ones and your home. We let you enjoy a guilt free and conscious life without making any extra efforts. By supporting us and our products you extend your support to sustainable environment, fair trade and organics; just with the “click” for purchase.

Our Partners

Chabatree – Home Essentials

A brand that believes in innovation, style and environment friendly products for our daily needs. ChaBatree uses non-toxic chemicals, plantation wood or managed forest and believes in pleasant working atmosphere for their staffs. They expertise in wooden kitchenware. To read and learn more about them please follow our blog. 

Goat Millk NYC – Wardrobe Essentials

Goat Milk offers amazing creations for your little ones. The world of innerwear sure is ready for a soft change with these light, soft and 100% Organic Cotton products. Goat Milk is the creation of two loving parents who just want the best for their little loved ones. To read and learn more about them and Goat Milk NYC, please follow our blog.

Indikidual – Wardrobe Essentials

Indikidual as the name suggests believes in promoting individual style with desire to promote Organic and fair trade. They offer amazing creations for your little ones. The unisex collection ranges from Age 0 to Age 10. To read and learn more about Indikidual, please follow our blog.

No Nasties – Wardrobe Essentials

Love for nature, passion for his country and vision for the coming generation brought the revolutionized Organic Clothing Brand “No Nasties”. Offering wide variety of comfort and style infused with Organic Cotton for the men and women. Their Partners: Fair Trade India, Valdesi & Ester Association Italy, UnLtd India. To read and learn more about No Nasties, please follow our Blog. 

Synergy Clothing – Wardrobe Essentials

A journey that changes your life forever and makes travel an exciting future is what Synergy Clothing is all about. A journey to mystic Nepal is all that was needed to give shape to this exciting Organic Clothing Store. Certification Includes: Gold Green America, Global Organic Textile Standard, Monterey Bay Area, Green Business Program. To read and learn more about Synergy Clothing, please follow our Blog.

Prokritee – Home Essentials

Prokritee is a “Not-For-Profit” company which follows Ethical Practices of a Fair-Trade Organization. Prokritee’s production units produce a variety of handcrafted items made from waste jute, hemp, water hyacinth, palm leaves, cotton waste and the list is just endless. These products rule our Home Essentials. To read and learn more about Prokritee, please follow our Blog.