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Prokritee is a Not-for-Profit company which follows the ethical practices of a Fair Trade Organization. Prokritee mostly works with handicraft products and bulk of its business is done with its Fair Trade partners. Rather than focusing on maximization of profit, Prokritee aims to promote the virtues and ethical practices of fair trade business and the social responsibilities it has undertaken to accomplish. Currently, more than 2000 artisans work under Prokritee’s units.  

Prokritee was formed in 2001 as an auxiliary organization of MCC Bangladesh and given the independent operational responsibilities of 8 manufacturing units.  However, MCC remained the parent organization and owned the units until 2003. In 2003, Prokritee was formally launched and moved into its own office premises with its own staff and took over the ownership of the 8 manufacturing units. In 2007, Prokritee received its license for Not-for-Profit status from the government.

Prokritee’s production units produce a variety of handcrafted items made from waste jute, hemp, water hyacinth, palm leaves, cotton waste, coconut husks, pineapple leaves, wheat straws, kaisa, hogla, and other natural renewable materials. The handcrafted items include paper, greeting cards, photo frames, photo albums, baskets, bags, floor mats, wall hangers, jewelry, lamp shades, doormats, body scrubbers, twine, and Christmas decorations and gift items. 

Prokritee also organizes a handicraft fair—named DhakaCraft Bazaar—to promote fair trade among other handicraft organization.

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